Kevin Spacey Publicly Comes Out, Does Not Confirm Or Deny Allegations Made Against Him

Earlier today, Buzzfeed posted an interview with actor Anthony Rapp, who alleges that when Rapp was fourteen, Kevin Spacey made a sexual advance towards him.

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Rapp is publicly alleging for the first time that in 1986, Spacey befriended Rapp while they both performed on Broadway shows, invited Rapp over to his apartment for a party, and, at the end of the night, picked Rapp up, placed him on his bed, and climbed on top of him, making a sexual advance. According to public records, Spacey was 26. Rapp was 14.



Kevin Spacey

Now, however, the big picture on just how bad everything is in Hollywood is emerging and there isn't a better time. Spacey, who is notoriously, private did something that very few people in this situation have done; he replied.

In a statement posted to twitter, Spacey does not confirm or deny the allegations made against him. However, what does happen in the statement is that Spacey has publicly come out as a gay man. There have been rumors about the actor for years, but this is the first time he's made a public statement on his sexual orientation.

However, that should not distract from the allegations that are being made here. We must also remember that if we're going to spend a lot of time saying that we need to believe women, then it's time we also remember that sexual assault and harassment does happen to men as well. Rapp's allegations should not be brushed off.

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