Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes: William H. Macy Joins The Cast

William H. Macy has reportedly joined the cast of 20th Century Studios Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes in an unknown role.

The next chapter in the Planet of the Apes films started production back in October. We got some casting announcements, including Owen Teague, Freya Allan, Peter Macon, Eka Darville, and Kevin Durand. We have some brief story details that we got when the first image was released, but we haven't heard anything since, and the movie has been shooting in Australia since October with no word whether or not they have wrapped. It sounds like they probably haven't since we got a new cast member announcement from Deadline. According to the trade, William H. Macy has joined the cast in an unknown role, and they use the words "rounds out" in the report, so it sounds like this might be the principal cast for this film. 20th Century doesn't have an easy place to make a splash anywhere outside of somewhere like CinemaCon or Comic-Con, so provided that Disney makes a showing in April in Las Vegas for a CinemaCon presentation, maybe that is when we'll see some footage and get some more details on this film.

Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes: William H. Macy Joins The Cast
L-R: William H. Macy arrives to the "Krystal" Los Angeles Premiere on April 5, 2018, in Hollywood, CA. Editorial credit: DFree / | Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes Image. Credit: 20th Century Studios

From the original press release about the production starting: "Planet of the Apes" is one of 20th Century Studios' most popular and enduring franchises, amassing more than $1.7 billion worldwide. Based on a novel by Pierre Boulle, the first film in the series was released by Twentieth Century-Fox in 1968 and went on to become one of the year's biggest hits, winning a special Academy Award® and followed by four theatrical sequels and two television series. A remake, "Planet of the Apes," directed by Tim Burton, was released in 2001, then a 2011 reboot, "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" was followed by two sequels, 2014's "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" and 2017's "War for the Planet of the Apes."

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes: Summary, Cast List, Release Date

20th Century Studios' Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, starring Owen Teague (It), Freya Allen (The Witcher), and Peter Macon (The Orville), will begin production in October under the direction of Wes Ball (The Maze Runner trilogy). This film starts an all-new chapter in the Planet of the Apes saga, picking up many years after the conclusion of 2017's War for the Planet of the Apes. The screenplay is by Josh Friedman (War of the Worlds), Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), and Patrick Aison (Prey). Joe Hartwick Jr. (The Maze Runner trilogy), Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, and Jason Reed (Mulan) are the film's producers. Peter Chernin and Jenno Topping are the executive producers. It will be released on May 24, 2024

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