Rumor: Studio Has Someone In Mind For The 'Knight Rider' Reboot…And His Name Is John Cena!

Pro wrestler John Cena is reportedly up for the role of Michael Knight in an upcoming reboot of Knight Rider, with Kevin Hart sought for the role of Kitt.

Rumor: Studio Has Someone In Mind For The 'Knight Rider' Reboot…And His Name Is John Cena!

According to the latest casting rumors from the content generation algorithms at ScreenRant, WWE superstar John Cena is being looked at for the lead role in a reboot of Knight Rider by the Weinstein Company. How it's possible to look at Cena when you can't see him, we don't know, but such is the nature of internet rumors.

Cena has only a little acting experience outside of WWE, but enough for a guy who talks to his car formerly played by David Hasselhoff. Cena also holds a degree in Thuganomics, which doesn't necessarily apply here, but we wanted to bring it up anyway. Weinstein also wants Kevin Hart to play the voice of the car, according to the rumor.

The movie, which is a brand new (rumored) project separate from the 17 previous attempts to revive Knight Rider, is said to have a comedic tone, because that worked so well for CHiPS, Baywatch, and The Dukes of Hazzard. If the movie is successful, Weinstein could move on to reboot Thunder in Paradise with Roman Reigns in the lead role.

Of course, neither man has agreed or even, as far as we know, had any conversations about the roles, so remember to take this rumor with the appropriate grains of salt (after consulting a doctor, especially if you suffer from high blood pressure or are part slug).

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