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Pinball FX Reveals Xena, Battlestar Galactica, & Knight Rider Tables
The game has built up a library of titles that have ties to famous franchises, and the next selection will be no different as you'll see tables for Xena: Warrior Princess, Battlestar Galactica, and Knight Rider, all part of a Universal TV package Each one has its own distinct themes and challenges that are tuned[...]
Knight Rider Comes to Life with Hot Wheels Impressive SDCC Exclusive 
from the hit 80s television series Knight Rider I knew of Knight Rider as a kid, but I got more involved in the series in a very unconventional way with Call of Duty Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is probably one of the best versions of COD: Zombies we have ever received Zombies in Spaceland[...]
Knight Rider Comes to SDCC 2022 with Hot Wheels Exclusive Car
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the hit 80s action TV series, Knight Rider A lot of love is coming out for the series, like Fanhome's new massive K.I.T.T subscription with lights and sounds However, that is not the only Knight Rider collectible coming our way, as Mattel has unveiled an exclusive Hot Wheels[...]
Knight Rider Comes to Fanhome with New 1:8 Scale K.I.T.T. Model
from Knight Rider K.I.T.T was more than just a car; he was alive with artificial intelligence helping Michael Knight save the day over and over again Everyone wants to own their own supercar, and now they can as Fanhome US announces their newest and most impressive subscription model kit You get to become Michael Knight[...]
Knight Rider: James Wan Producing Film Adaptation of Television Series
Given the massive success of the Fast and the Furious franchise and the overabundance of nostalgia, it's surprising how Knight Rider didn't get adapted to live-action film sooner Director James Wan is looking to adapt the popular television franchise to the big screen producing through his production company Atomic Monster with Michael Clear and Judson[...]
"Rocket League" Just Got The TV Pack To The Radical Summer Content
Psyonicx has released the latest addition to Rocket League's Radical Summer event with the Television pack, bringing the Knight Rider car K.I.T.T to the game We have the details below of everything you can get in the pack for a whole $2, along with the trailer showing it off in all its glory[...]
Auto Draft
Spike Rush is a 3v3 mode where each player has the Spike power-up from Rumble Mode that can be activated to carry the ball up field. ○ New in-game items highlighting the iconic culture of the '80s will be available in Radical Summer's Event Store. ● '80s Television – July 22 to August 12 ○ The Knight Rider[...]
David Hasselhoff Says "The 'Knight Rider' Will Ride Again!"
It makes sense, we guess, that 1980s tv series Knight Rider starring David Hasselhoff would be a property being looked at for a remake considering Magnum P.I., MacGyver, and Hawaii 5-0 have enjoyed moderate success with reboots. There *WAS* an attempt at a Knight Rider reboot on NBC back in 2008, but it only lasted 1 season, and everyone tends to forget[...]
David Hasselhoff Says A Knight Rider Reboot Is Happening
Is a Knight Rider reboot something you want or need in your life? Well, if it is you'll be in good company with David Hasselhoff because it's a thing he wants Hasselhoff is in the middle of a career boost thanks to his cameo on Baywatch, his time in the Sharnado franchise, and his hilarious[...]
Knight Rider To Get Digital Reboot From Justin Lin And Machinima
Machinima has partnered with YOMYOMF, Justin Lin (Star Trek Beyond) and NBC Universal to produce a digital reboot of the 80's television series Knight Rider YOMYOMF and Lin will produce the new digital series that is in active development for a potential 2017 launch date. The announcement was made by Machinima CEO Chad Gutstein: Knight Rider is[...]
LBCC 2015 – Famous Cars On Display Plus Photogallery
By Michele Brittany, West Coast Correspondent Knight Rider, Speed Racer, Back to the Future, Supernatural, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Italian Job all had something in common: an easily recognizable car that became a supporting character in their respective television shows and feature films A popular feature of Long Beach Comic Con, being held this weekend,[...]
Lion Forge Vroooms With Knight Rider TPB: Geoffrey Thorne, Jason Johnson & Shannon Eric Denton Talk Shop
They recently released Miami Vice Remix and coming this May, the trade paperback of Knight Rider, which collects the first eight issues The creative includes writer Geoffrey Thorne (Dark Horse Presents: Journeymen; Prodigal: Remastered), illustrator Jason Johnson (Grimm Fairy Tales), colorist Sai Studios, letterer Andworld Design, editor Shannon Eric Denton, and book designer Kristen Fitzner[...]
Lion Forge Comics Signs With IDW To Get Airwolf And Knight Rider Into Print ASAP!
Lion Forge Comics has been doing a roaring trade of late, publishing digital comics licensed from successful TV shows with a nostalgic bent. But clearly digital is not the future for such nostalgic yearnings, print is! We understand that they are to announce, for San Diego Comic Con, a partnership with IDW, who have their own brand of[...]
RUMOR: Chris Pratt And Danny McBride Offered Roles In The Knight Rider Remake
This again comes from Schmoes Know, who have been pretty spot on on some things, while being off on others, so take this with a grain of salt. According to the Schmoes, the big screen remake of 1980s series Knight Rider, starring David Hasselhoff and a talking car who fought crime together (the 80s were a[...]
Knight Rider, The Mr Men, Yogi Bear, Muttley And More In New TV Ad For Yogurt
Ninety seconds of mashup, starting with KITT from Knight Rider, segueing into a Transformer type thing and then on to the Mr Men and Catch The Pigeon. Enjoy. The ad is called Wünderful Stuff, it's for Müller yoghurt, and it aired in the middle of X-Factor on ITV1 tonight Ninety seconds of mashup, starting with KITT[...]