Let's Talk About 'Legion' Season 2 Episode 2, "Chapter 10"

Much as we said last week, Legion remains a high point of episodic television.  It's trippy, very psychedelic, and strangely addictive.

The story of mutants and mental powers being told in the rich visceral era the original Chris Claremont X-Men stories were placed in was a genius move, and one that sets the show appart on FX from any of the other comic book based properties.

If you didn't see last week's season premiere, you can catch up here.

Season 2 episode 2, simply titled "Chapter 10" has an equally simple synopsis:

"David meets his oldest enemy."

Let's Talk About 'Legion' Season 2 Episode 2, "Chapter 10"
LEGION "Chapter 10" – Season 2, Episode 2 Dan Stevens as David Haller. CR: Suzanne Tenner/FX

Things that happened:

  • The episode starts with David, Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) and Oliver (Jemaine Clemmons) on a carousel.
  • David is telling them about the future Syd's message from s1e1, to help Oliver
  • "Nobody gets hurt," David tells them, but of course we know that's probably not how things will go.
  • Oliver appears in the middle of a wheat field, and tells a figure with a crystal ball (himself actually) that David agreed to help
  • Man, I still love the design of those mustache girls, the three Vermillion
  • Syd, David, Ptonomy (Jeremie Harris), and co travel out to the same field we just saw Oliver in, and there is a music box with a dancing ballerina in it
  • it's the same box Syd had a child
  • Lenny and Oliver have a duet of "Swinging On A Star" as they sneak into a Fukuyama facility, turning people into pigs and fish.
  • Oliver finds his way to the room where all the teeth chattering people are being kept
  • Loudermilk is sucked into another realm to deal with Lenny as Oliver deals with Kerrie
  • Oh no, Kerrie and Loudermilk try to find their way back into each other, and it doesn't go as planned with his arm sticking out of her chest
  • The Vermillion accuse David of tricking them, so Farouk could break into the building
  • David goes back into the deprivation tank in an effort to reach Farouk, or Lenny, or Oliver, or Future Syd again, who knows?
  • He finds himself in a purple room, with Future Syd again
  • Future Syd tells him she never thought she'd see him again in the other realm, he asks if he dies in the future, and she won't answer.
  • He tries to read her mind, and it doesn't work.
  • She tells him the future is bleak, and that David killed Farouk in her timeline, a week from his present time.
  • She tells him also that Farouk is their only hope to kill the thing killing them
  • Wow, maybe I missed it last week, but Future Syd is missing an arm as she pulls away from David and says goodbye
  • David goes into another realm, thinking to meet Oliver, and instead comes face to face with Farouk
  • They begin to wrestle, complete with singlets
  • And then a samurai against a freaking tank, and then the smoke monster from LOST
  • This wheat field fortune teller scene is so very Carnivale
  • David agrees to find the Monk, who is holding Farouk's body
  • Lenny asks about being released, and Farouk tells her she can't, because her body is dead.
  • Kerrie manages to bring Loudermilk back out of her, and she begs him to find a way to get her back inside him.
  • David goes to meet Syd on the roof, and she's switched bodies with her cat.
  • He tells Syd that she's who took him in the orb, and told him to help Farouk
  • She believes him, and asks what the first step is.
  • He tells her it's to find the monk, and the episode ends with a shot of the monk walking through the room of chattering teeth people.

While nowhere near as strong as last week's episode, "Chapter 10" does confirm some things, like Lenny's being dead and the true nature of Farouk's interest in David. Hopefully the plot will continue at faster clip next week.

Legion airs on FX on Tuesdays.

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