No, 'Logan Lucky' Does Not Have A Fake Screenwriter

There has been some controversy concerning the upcoming heist comedy Logan Lucky. This time, it has nothing to do with scandals or personal conflicts between people. This one's a little weirder than most: The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that first-time writer Rebecca Blunt doesn't exist. That is a strange thing to challenge, and it appears that the claim has made it back to director Steven Soderbergh. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he commented on the rumors:

"Well, that's going to be news to Rebecca Blunt. When people make a statement like that they should be very careful, especially when it's a woman screenwriter who is having her first screenplay produced."

Logan LuckyThere is something about this entire situation that comes off more than a little gross, considering the context. It's like the world couldn't possibly fathom that a first-time writer made a successful script. The idea that she doesn't exist is somehow more plausible to some than a great script written by a woman. Soderbergh continued:

"She's interviewed in the press kit. I happen to know that she's working on something and that she's on a deadline. She doesn't want to do any press until after the movie opens. Isn't she allowed to do that?"

She's more than allowed to do that, and Ms. Blunt shouldn't have to come out and prove her own existence to people who think her name is some sort of a cover-up. The movie is coming out soon, so the cast will be doing interviews as the date approaches. Until then, let's just sit back and think about the fact that we live in a world where a script was good enough that members of the press thought it was written by someone else, rather than a genuine talent hitting a home run on her first swing. I'm sure her gender had nothing to do it.

Summary: Two brothers attempt to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina.

Logan Lucky, directed by Steven Soderbergh, stars Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Katherine Waterston, Seth MacFarlane, Daniel Craig, and Katie Holmes. It will be released on August 18th.

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