Looking At The Avengers: Age Of Ultron Collector's Edition

I think most anyone who reads this sight has either seen Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron or at least is sure whether or not they want to see it. So doing a review of the movie now would be a bit pointless. But I do have the new Blu-ray of the film… though it's packaged in red… and I thought I would review the rest of the disc, the extras.

blueraycollectorsI have the Collector's Edition which contains both the Blu-ray 3D and regular versions along with a Digital HD copy.

The extras are broken down into 6 parts. The first is a making of featurette called From The Inside Out. This is a nice piece that talks about the making of the film, the decisions made along the way and just how adamant Joss Whedon was from the very beginning of the first film that Ultron needed to be the villain in the second and he needed to make the Vision. Also the decision to bring in the Twins and how it related to having someone for Ultron to talk to. There are 3 clips below from this featurette.

The second feature is probably one of the more important ones if you are not quite sure what's going on with the big overall storyline or who the purple guy with the gold glove is. The Infinite Six breaks down what we know so far about the Infinity Stone, what they can do and where they are now. We also learn a little about the two stones we have yet to see. The feature mixes together footage from the films along with interviews to catch up everyone from the casual fan to the most dedicated Marvelite.

The third featurette focuses on the locations used both in the film and for filming. Just because you're supposed to be in Sokovia doesn't mean it wasn't filmed just outside of London. This is a fun little video and you get to meet a few members of the crew but there is no real inside reveal here.

After that is some deleted and extended scenes. The two that stand out the most are Thor's trip to the mystical jacuzzi with Eric Selvig and the conversation between Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanov outside the shower. There is a lot more to the Thor scene and we understand why he needed to bring Selvig along. I think the film would have benefited from this being included. The Banner / Natasha scene is a bit more intense and explains some of the motivation of the characters as the film moves on… but it is also a bit heavier than I think than the tone the filmmakers were going for and probably best trimmed they way it was.

Then there is the obligatory gag reel which I always watch first. It's fun to see these characters goofing off and having fun or making mistakes. But there tends to be a lot of dancing in these gag reels now and they could cut that back a bit.

The final extra is the audio commentary by Joss Whedon. As he did with the first Avengers film, Whedon does the commentary alone and gives a lot of insight into the making of the film. He also gushes a bit over the actors he has to work with which he's known to do. The difference here, and it may only be me, but he seems tired and you can tell from the commentary that he is resolved to walk away from the franchise at this point.

So with that six-pack of extras along with the film I'd say that there is plenty of reason to add this to your movie collection.

Marvel's Avengers: Age Of Ultron is on sale now.




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