Luca Score by Composer Dan Romer, the Music of Pixar's New Film

Disney and Pixar's newest film, Luca, may be the splash of the summer, but no good summer blockbuster is complete without a fantastic score to give it life. Composer Dan Romer ("Beasts of the Southern Wild") created the soundtrack for Luca, and it is as delightfully whimsical and uplifting as the film itself.

Luca Score by Composer Dan Romer, the Music of Pixar's New Film
Luca Album Cover, image c/o Disney Music.

The score is uplifting and hopeful, incorporating lots of floaty water-like strings and inquisitive pizzicato elements gives the score the same childlike wonder as the film's main character, Luca, discovering the world and exploring the land above him. But that doesn't mean the score is without charm and humor; there are several thematic intense parts of the score that go along with the film's more cinematic moments, the best of which is the iconic Jaws theme, which the score reflects in a way that evokes the shark-themed blockbuster classic.

The score also takes advantage of the film's location and infuses Italian musical elements one would traditionally find in a Puccini opera or played on the streets by buskers. It's a delightful infusion of standard film scoring and the music that's been around for centuries and is synonymous with the locale all wrapped up and turned on its side a bit to incorporate the underwater fantasy elements of the film.

Though Luca is set in Italy during the late 1950s-1960s, composer Dan Romer and director Enrico Casarosa "wanted something that felt like more of a nod, or a memory, than something that felt historically accurate."

Per the official press release, "The score was recorded with an 82-piece orchestra at the Newman Recording Stage and was orchestrated and conducted by Mark Graham.  Romer performed on accordion and acoustic guitar." The accordion parts in this score add a special touch and make it feel like you're in the Italian Riveria right alongside the characters. It adds the acoustic charm of everyday people just playing charming folk music because they're happy and lifts the score to new emotional heights, similar to the use of Spanish-style classical guitar in Coco, another Pixar film driven heavily by a culturally-inspired score.
Luca is available to stream now on Disney+, and the soundtrack is out now.

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