MA Director Has An Idea For A Sequel, Says Octavia Spencer Is In

MA was released in 2019, and while making a nice profit, it didn't exactly set the world on fire. Making $60 million worldwide off a $5 million budget, the film has already started to achieve a bit of cult status. So midnight showings are already popping up here and there, and since costs were so low, to begin with, sequel talk for such a profitable film is inevitable. Speaking to EW, director Tate Taylor says he has an idea for a sequel, and if he gets to do it, star Octavia Spencer is in.

Ma Director Has An Idea For A Sequel, Says Octavia Spencer Is In
MA Poster

MA Deserves Its New Cult Status For Sure

"I don't think we thought Ma was going to have this afterlife as this cult thing, and I think it's worth discussing [a sequel]. I know Octavia would do it; that's why I purposely left her death ambiguous! My idea is that she's moved to another town, and she has open houses in another city and kills people in the open house. I think she'd be a real estate agent in the Pacific Northwest and just murder white people looking at McMansions. That's as far as I've gotten!"

I would be up for a sequel to this one for sure. I thought that the first MA film was very well done, and Spencer is always a treasure. It was cool to see her really let the crazy out, and hey, we need more female horror icons if you ask me. This seems like it would be low risk for Blumhouse to try and get out there as well, once you factor in the low budget. Studios are being way more stingy about what they green light at the moment, but IP is king, and anything that has any recognition whatsoever is going to have a leg up. It is worth keeping an eye on for sure.

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