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Madame Web Producer on the Film's Standalone Status

A producer of the recent Sony Pictures film Madame Web is explaining why they wanted to avoid any attachment to other Spider-Man stories.

We're over a decade into Marvel's ongoing cinematic universe. In that time, we've witnessed the company's absorption of Fox (along with its popular X-Men characters) and a popular partnership with Sony Pictures, offering audiences a vast universe to immerse themselves in. However, with the recent Sony and Marvel collaboration Madame Web, the Sony Spider-verse has opted to introduce a new standalone story that's entirely removed from every iteration of the Spider-Man characters we've seen so far. So, what's the reasoning behind the creative team's attempt to remove itself from three different film series? Here's what we know courtesy of a longtime Marvel producer.

Madame Web Snags A Chinese Release Date Plus A New Image
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Madame Web Producer Explains Continuity Choice

During a conversation with Collider, Lorenzo di Bonaventura explains, "[We] really saw the advantage in not having the burden of the attachment of all this other stuff that has gone on. You'd be silly to think you don't pay some homage to it and some acknowledgment, which we do, but it really freed us in a way to tell a pure story, I think. And so, for both of us, that allowed us to get into what I love about Dakota's journey. It's not just simply, 'Well, I'm gonna stand up and become the hero.' It's, 'I'm scarred. I don't want attachment. I definitely don't want responsibility for these three people.'" He adds, "And then, 'What do I do now that I'm in this situation?' So, for me, freeing ourselves from that obligation, in a sense, was very freeing and allowed us to do a more complex ride with the hero."

Despite the film's not-so-popular reception from critics and across social media, there are still some moviegoers who can embrace its campiness (and odd structural choices) because sometimes a mindless popcorn movie is just the unserious entertainment that the genre requires. Still, do you think the film could have benefitted from attempting to create a connection to any of the three Spider-Man film series after the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home? Or was this the outcome that Madame Web just couldn't change?

Madame Web is in theaters now.

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