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Today's Web Of Spider-Man #1 looks to the future for the Spider-Man titles, courtesy of a certain Madame Web, who Marvel definitely thought would be a bigger thing right now, across the Marvel Universe. With Amazing Spider-Man currently messing with Tombstone, the winner of the Gang War on the streets of New York, with a little[...]
Madame Web: Gag Reel And Extended Preview Released
At this point, there are so many jokes about Madame Web that the movie itself is basically a joke There are rumors that Sony is angry at the actresses involved for not even putting up a front that they were in a good movie during the press tour, and less than a month later, cast[...]
Giveaway: Win A Signed Poster From The Cast Of Madame Web
Would you like to win a signed poster from the cast of Madame Web? All you need is a Twitter/X account to take part in this giveaway Sony Pictures has provided us with eight posters from the film, currently still in theaters or available to buy or rent, featuring autographs from the main cast, as[...]
Madame Web: 2 New High-Quality Images Have Been Released
The writing on the wall for Madame Web appeared bright and evident to everyone from the moment we saw the first trailer and images There was a glimmer of hope that maybe the film would be so bad it somehow became good, but it was just a mess and even its good ideas were kneecapped by[...]
Marvel Comics Wednesday
Sony also has a Kraven movie coming following their Madame Web movie that just aired with a thud Mix and match, and that means that Spider-Gwen is coming to the Marvel 616 Universe to fight Kraven, prophesied by Madame Web. Written by Celeste Bronfman, drawn by Leila Leiz and coloured by Ceci De La Cruz, the[...]
Rogue And Kate Pryde Will Each Lead The New X-Men Teams This Summer
But it is backed up by a page from this Wednesday's Women Of Marvel #1, including a vision from the much maligned Madame Web. The Rogue-led team includes Nightcrawler, Gambit and Wolverine and suggests a flashback to earlier classic costumes, possibly in keeping with an X-Men '97 vibe.  While Kate Pryde will have Emma Frost on[...]
Madame Web:
While everyone has their opinions about the outcome of Sony's Madame Web (honestly, I found it to be an enjoyable, campy superhero flick), there's no denying that the film was an ambitious endeavor for the rapidly growing Spider-Verse At face value, the film obviously introduces viewers to the not-so-popular titular comic book character (with Dakota[...]
Madame Web Snags A Chinese Release Date Plus A New Image
However, with the recent Sony and Marvel collaboration Madame Web, the Sony Spider-verse has opted to introduce a new standalone story that's entirely removed from every iteration of the Spider-Man characters we've seen so far So, what's the reasoning behind the creative team's attempt to remove itself from three different film series? Here's what we[...]
Marvel Comics
It is possible that Marvel Comics might have expected something from the Madame Web movie in terms of a few people picking up a comic book with Madame Web in it I mean, she doesn't have her own comic book, she never has, and has always been an ephemeral character of a walking (or hovering)[...]
Bob Marley: One Love Can't Match Its Subjects Energy {Review}
The biopic One Love, savaged by critics, scored $46 million, well above expectations, to win the box office showdown with Madame Web That film, also savaged by critics, debuted with $23 million, at the bottom of expectations and giving even more credence to the people who have been arguing that superhero fatigue is a real[...]
Madame Web: Studios Are Blaming Women Instead Of Themselves
Whenever there is a high-profile failure to the magnitude of Madame Web, you know that when the dust settles and Monday morning rolls around, people will start pointing fingers The public spent a fair portion of the weekend doing just that, with most people citing the script as the thing that really broke the film[...]
Madame Web Director On Why There Aren't Any Post-Credits Scenes
Madame Web is in theaters, and the few who have gone to see the movie are reporting back that it isn't very good but also that this is one of the rare times you're going to see a Marvel logo and you don't have to stay through the credits There is no mid-credits scene, and[...]
Madame Web: Dakota Johnson Says The Script Had "Drastic Changes"
The review embargo for Madame Web came down today, and let's just say it's strike one for Sony Pictures in terms of their live-action Marvel films in 2024 However, things have been looking pretty rough for this film since the trailer initially dropped, and as the weekend numbers start to come in and more information starts[...]
Madame Web: 2 New High-Quality Images Have Been Released
Madame Web has some good ideas, but poor execution mimicking the worst aspects of early 2000s comic book movies drags down the entire production into something as thin and flimsy as a spider web. Director: S.J Clarkson Summary: Cassandra Webb develops the power to see the future Forced to confront revelations about her past, she forges a[...]
Madame Web:
When Sony announced that they were making a film based on the Marvel character Madame Web in 2019, everyone was a little confused about why they chose that character, of all characters, to make a movie about When Dakota Johnson was announced as the star, people were even more confused because the in-universe version of[...]
Madame Web:
Ever since the press rounds for Madame Web started, it seemed like no one was particularly enthusiastic about it However, there is a chance that Dakota Johnson is just a little annoyed at the industry as a whole, and this film is just an amalgamation of everything that she is really starting to see as[...]
Madame Web
The very weird marketing push for Madame Web has continued, and we will keep calling it weird because it is weird Sony is infamous for releasing half of the movie via TV spots and clips in the two weeks leading up to the release of one of its movies, to the point that you need to[...]
Madame Web Snags A Chinese Release Date Plus A New Image
It seems that the international audience isn't coming out any better than the domestic audience regarding Madame Web character posters We're starting to think they took precisely one set of promotional images for this film and then called it a day because all the posters have been the same image with different photoshopped backgrounds[...]
Madame Web Snags A Chinese Release Date Plus A New Image
The future for Madame Web remains unclear, which is funny considering the powerset of the main character This might be one of the weirdest marketing we've seen in a long time Studios will hide suit reveals from audiences, but hiding something after it has already leaked more than once now just seems silly They are continuing[...]
Madame Web Snags A Chinese Release Date Plus A New Image
We've been taking some shots at Madame Web around here, mainly around the fact that Sony Pictures can't seem to figure out how the hell they want to market this film to try and get people legitimately interested They seem to think holding back is the best idea, but when you have a character like this,[...]
And only a lock of hair to keep Jessica Drew on this side of sanity… Spider-Woman: Gang War #1 (2023) Everyone keeps forgetting that Spider-Man's Madame Web has a new movie out in a couple of weeks, from Sony Every time I remember, five minutes later I have forgotten But Marvel Comics seems to have… slightly remembered. Spider-Woman:[...]
Madame Web Featurette: A Superhero Film That Is "Grounded In Reality"
The marketing team at Sony continues to make the strangest decisions regarding Madame Web, but now there is a pattern It looks like they are recycling some of the same footage we have seen from previous trailers, featurettes, and TV spots already released Usually, you have to stop watching Sony marketing materials because they release so[...]
Madame Web: 2 New High-Quality Images Have Been Released
Sony Pictures continues to make the weirdest decisions regarding the marketing of Madame Web This is your reminder that the costumes leaked in weird, highly photoshopped images on the side of a juice bottle Those images have been floating around the internet for days, and Sony still has not countered that by releasing its own[...]
Madame Web: 2 New High-Quality Images Have Been Released
We continue to be baffled by nearly every decision that Sony Pictures is making concerning Madame Web, but this studio is the same studio that had some hand in the SpiderVerse films, so maybe there is a little bit of hope Cassandra's powers are something that we'll see presented on camera in a way that seems[...]
Madame Web: 2 New High-Quality Images Have Been Released
Even then, people were a little confused when Dakota Johnson joined the cast of Madame Web, but no one was more worried about the experience than Johnson While she has been in the industry for a while now, she admits that she hasn't done a lot of acting in front of a blue screen, and this change[...]
Madame Web
Madame Web continues to be one of the stranger big releases of early 2024 So far, all of the promotional material has been very strange and has been a low effort on the part of Sony It's unclear what exactly they are trying to accomplish with this film or if they are confident it will[...]
Madame Web: 2 New High-Quality Images Have Been Released
Yesterday, we wrote about how baffling the marketing push for Madame Web has been There has been almost nothing released so far, and last week, the suits of all the characters were shown in terrible quality on drink bottles, and, for some reason that is beyond everyone, Sony is not trying to counter that leak by[...]
Madame Web: 2 New High-Quality Images Have Been Released
Sony Pictures continues its baffling marketing campaign for Madame Web It seems that someone at the offices woke up and realized that the film comes out in less than a month, and no one is talking about it, even with the Marvel logo attached So, it's time to start pushing things Earlier today, we got[...]
Madame Web: 2 New High-Quality Images Have Been Released
In a move that continues to baffle everyone, Sony has not put out a high-quality image of the ladies from Madame Web in their suits even though the leaks have not been kind, and we could use some better pictures that weren't butchered in Photoshop so they can end up on drink bottle Instead, we[...]
Madame Web: 2 New High-Quality Images Have Been Released
A couple of days ago, something that seemed to sum up how a lot of people feel about Sony's upcoming Madame Web movie occurred: the first look at the costume was leaked on an ocean spray bottle, of all things There is always a chance that this movie could be good, but all signs are[...]