Marvel Have Announced A Telltale Title For 2017 As Well As More 'Sexy' Games To Come


I've heard a lot of excitement surrounding a Marvel Telltale game for a while. I personally thought this was wishful thinking, but it turns out that that hype was warranted.

At an event in San Francisco, Marvel announced a new game produced by Telltale Games, but don't expect it anytime soon. This won't come to fruition until 2017. There is  currently no indication as to what property this will be for or if this will take place in the MCU. (I'd wager it will.)

Marvel also announced an intent to get into games on a serious capacity. DC obviously have the Arkham series, but Marvel have yet to really stamp their mark on the industry in any serious way. According to Polygon, Marvel Games creative director Bill Roseman said he was striving for the division to create "exquisite" and "sexy" games.

I literally have no guess as to who this Telltale game could be for. Hell, maybe it could even explore Spider-Man's place in the Cinematic Universe. That would be my vote.

I'll do some digging. I'll let you know what I find, if anything…