Luke Cage Won't Be Appearing in Iron Fist Season 2

When it was first announced that Finn Jones would be making an appearance as Danny Rand aka Iron Fist in the second season of Luke Cage fans were quick to roll their eyes. While Iron Fist and Luke Cage are one of the great friendships of the comics but we hadn't really seen that in the shows yet. Iron Fist was the show that everyone seemed to hate so the thought of seeing more of him left people a little uneasy. It turned out that all we needed was a different showrunner since the brief appearance that Danny made in the second season of Luke Cage was extremely well received.

Now that second season of Iron Fist is coming out in September and Misty Knight is making the jump from Luke Cage to Iron Fist. People were wondering if we'd see Luke Cage in the second season of Iron Fist but Jones confirmed to Latino Review that we wouldn't be seeing the Heroes for Hire in season two.

"Well, Mike isn't in Season 2, unfortunately. I wish he was, I love working with Mike. I hope to see more Heroes for Hire in the future. I think it's a great pairing, I think Heroes For Hire and Daughters of the Dragon is just gold! So hopefully that will happen later on down the line, but right now we're just focusing on a true Iron Fist story."

While it was one of the worst reviewed Marvel Netflix series so far the panel for the second season of Iron Fist was very received at San Diego Comic Con and they brought out the fire choreographer which seems to indicate that they were listening to the feedback from the first season. It's just a shame that they finally nailed this great friendship but we only got to see it for about an episode and a half of a show. Maybe we'll see more of these two if either show ends up getting a third season or if we get a second season of The Defenders.

The second season of Iron Fist will stream to Netflix on September 7th.

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