Mary Poppins Explains How Yondu's Arrow Works In Guardians Of The Galaxy

Two of the coolest things to come out Guardians of the Galaxy are Yondu's Yaka arrow and his line: "I'm Mary Poppins, Y'all." And thanks to Mary Poppins, Kyle Hill  and his webseries Because Science have come up with a way to figure out if the Yaka arrow could go through steel, leather and flesh. In the film, at the point where the Mary Poppins reference comes up, Yondu is using his Yaka arrow to do a controlled descent from space ship. Hill uses the weight of actor Michael Rooker and the assumption of an Earth-like gravitational pull to calculate out the amount of force that the arrow could produce. Using that and the size of the arrow tip gets the amount of pressure the arrow can produce. He then uses that amount of pressure against the tensile strength of the material and you have an answer.Yondu

Now, he uses some assumptions like roughly guessing the size of the arrow tip and judging the gravity based on the way people were moving, so this is less fact than theory. But it's a fun video and a good reminder of just how damn cool the Yaka arrow is. And I still want that "Come A Little Bit Closer" scene on a loop to play while I work.

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