Media Integrity And Immigrant Rights Take Center Stage On Supergirl

This article contains spoilers for the Supergirl episode – Exodus.







Two major issues in the news took center stage in the most recent episode of Supergirl. I'm going to look at them separately and how the affected the episode.

Starting with media integrity versus the public's right to know. Kara has information that Cadmus is kidnapping aliens by using the alien registration list from the DEO. The problem is that the DEO is a secret government agency and can't issue a warning to the public. Kara figures she could write about it at CatCo. Snapper Carr says no, being that there is only one source and running it could cause a public panic. Kara knows the danger is real and even comes to Carr as Supergirl to verify. But she is unwilling to give up the DEO as part of the article, leaving Carr no choice but to not run the story. Kara, at the suggestion of Lena Luthor, blogs the story herself. Believing it was morally right to do so. Carr then fires her, saying that she may have been morally right, but her responsibility as a journalist is to be certain and that one number off could cause a stock market crash, or one fact off start a riot. Leaving her unemployed and unsure of what to do next. The producers could easily decide to move away from the CatCo connection all together. Only James Olsen still works there and his role has diminished quite a bit over the last few episodes. We'll have to see what they have planned for that whole dynamic coming up.

The other issue has to do with immigrant rights of the aliens and how Cadmus wanted to send them back to their planets. In the first season we mainly dealt with aliens that escaped the prison ship from Krypton. But now we're talking about refugees and willing immigrants who want to make Earth their home. I don't remember when in the series that flip happened. The DEO was hunting and capturing the escapees when we first met J'onn and Alex. And somehow Jeremiah Danvers has convinced Lillian Luthor that deporting the aliens is better than killing them. I have a had time believing Lillian accepted that. She seems to be more efficient and killing them would be far easier than capturing, holding and then shipping them off to be sorted back to their home worlds. But Jeremiah believed deportation was better until Alex convinces him otherwise.

Through this whole episode, Alexis off the deep end. She beats on a suspect to try and get a lead on Cadmus. She is upset about saving Jeremiah to the point that J'onn doesn't trust her. So he appears to her as Jeremiah, asking her help to stop Cadmus… to see where her loyalties lay. She decided to help her father over taking him into the DEO. When she did that, J'onn shifted back to his Hank Henshaw form and suspended Alex. This leads Alex to go out on her own, with some help from Maggie, and find where Cadmus is and attack the base, confronting her father and Lillian and ending up trying to stop a spaceship from taking off… which Supergirl ends up doing. She ends up talking to J'onn, who reinstates her and apologizes for his subterfuge. He shouldn't have. J'onn was right in distrusting Alex when it comes to her father and she did the wrong thing each time, always giving her father the benefit of the doubt. J'onn was being a responsible leader and Alex went against his orders.

The other two storylines progressing here are the Wynn and Lyra romance that is about 75% them kissing and being cute. But we know there is more for them coming up. And we get the relationship between Lena and Kara growing more. Kara is a horrible liar, so either Lena already knows Kara is Supergirl or she will soon. But after the story of Lena's past, you can't help but get the feeling that she's playing a long game here, trying to get close to Kara.

And just as Kara's relationship with Mon-El seems to be a positive thing in her life, the episode ends with out first look at Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo as the King and Queen of Daxam on their way to find their son, Mon-El.

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