Mondo Music Announcement of the Week: Freaked Soundtrack and Screening!

Mondo has no new vinyl soundtrack release this week, but they did make a really cool announcement. Not only are they hosting a screening of the 1993 cult classic Freaked, but they will be releasing the soundtrack for the first time anywhere! If you haven't seen the film, it is a bat$%!^ insane film starring Alex Winter (who co-directed), Randy Quaid, and and a bunch of other people you know doing voices of the freaks. It features some of the best creature effects you will see as well. Trying to describe this film is pretty impossible, its better you just watch it.  The trailer is below.

I remember watching this on VHS and the theme song gets randomly stuck in my head all the time. The soundtrack was composed by Kevin Kiner, Paul Leary and the Butthole Surfers, and Blind Idiot God. Some of them and the cast and filmmakers will be in attendance at the special screening Mondo is throwing in association with Beyond Fest January 17th at the Egyptian Theatre in LA. Info on that and the cover and vinyl for the soundtrack release can be found below!

Mondo Music Announcement of the Week: Freaked Soundtrack and Screening!

No new release this week, but we wanted to start the year by telling you about a forthcoming record launch and film screening in Los Angeles for one of our favourite films: FREAKED! This soundtrack has never been released in any form and has been three years in the making! We are thrilled we can finally unleash it upon the world. If you do not know the movie, we highly encourage you to seek it out. It is completely insane and hands down one of our holy grail titles that we're incredibly lucky to work on! The screening will take place on January 17th at the world-famous Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Blvd and is co-presented with our friends at Beyond Fest.

We'll be screening a pristine 35mm print of the 1993 film and following the feature, there will be a Q&A and signing session. Our guests include co-directors Alex Winter & Tom Stern, Composer Kevin Kiner, Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers) special effects artists Steve Johnson, Tony Gardener & Bill Corso, John Hawkes (EASTBOUND & DOWN), Catherine Harwick (director of TWILIGHT and production designer on FREAKED), Lee Arenberg (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN) & more to be announced!

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