Move Over Hawkeye, Green Arrow, And Legolas, There's A New Archer In Town

By Octavio Karbank

Archers like Hawkeye, Legolas and Green Arrow are pretty darn cool. Hollywood loves to take liberties on what is and what isn't possible where archery is concerned; it's always awe-inspiring to watch our favorite elf annihilate squads of orcs with a volley of pointy arrows. You might not think such incredible feats are possible, but you'd be wrong.

Meet Lars Andersen, the man who puts all fictitious archers to shame. Displaying an incredible myriad of archery-related skills, you can only sit back and stare in amazement at the man's ability. Mr. Andersen is my new hero and possibly one of the few humans alive who could become a fairly adept crime-fighting vigilante.

Octavio Karbank is a writer and bona fide Whovian. Living in Massachusetts, you can find him on Twitter @TymeHunter and his blog

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