A New Script Titled 'Marian' Sets Out To Reinvent Robin Hood

robin hoodThe way of the world in Hollywood is established brands, and that means anything with a recognizable name has the potential to sell. Robin Hood is a brand now, and one that has seen its fair share of reinventions with the Russell Crowe lead prequel and the upcoming movie starring Taron Edgerton. However, The Tracking Board has just learned that a new script is being quietly sent off to studios called Marian,

The script was from writer Pete Barry and is being pitched as a female lead version of Gladiator or Braveheart following the love interest of Robin Hood Maid Marian in a story told from her point of view. The Tracking Board was able to track down a logline for the project.

When a conspiracy to conquer England leads to the assassination of Robin Hood before her very eyes, Marian must rise to power and lead her people into a war that will not only decide the fate of her kingdom, but will see her don the mantle of the man she loved, and reimagine the story of a legend we thought we knew.

This is an interesting concept, but not one that sounds incredibly original. However, Hollywood is desperately trying to push female lead movies because it's 2017, and of course they should. That and the fact that female lead franchises like Twilight and The Hunger Games have made billions worldwide.

At the moment one of the names rumored to be looking at this script is Alicia Vikander who is already leading her own franchise in the upcoming Tomb Raider. The Tracking Board also mentions that there is a good chance this script is going to happen because of who is pitching it.

Another reason to expect Marian to find a home at a studio is David Boxerbaum, the Paradigm agent shopping the script. He's on an absolute roll, having sold all seven specs that he has taken out this year, which is a remarkable conversion rate. His hot streak includes several female-driven projects such as John Swetnam's female assassin script Ruthless, which was bought by Steven Spielberg's Amblin Partners.

At the moment we don't know anything definitive about Marian but if it means I get to see an awesome female lead in period clothing kicking the crap out of people? Sign me up.

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