Nikki Bella Living in Hippie Commune After Breakup with John Cena

Former WWE Divas champion and reality star Nikki Bella has moved into a hippie commune in San Diego, a video on the Bella Twins YouTube channel has revealed. Other members of the commune include Bella's sister, Brie, and her husband, WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan. You know what? On closer examination, the hippie commune is actually Brie and Daniel's house. Honest mistake.

Nikki moved in with the Danielsons (WWE name trademarks are no joke) following her break up with fiancee and global entertainment superstar John Cena just weeks before their planned May 5th wedding. Cena has recently been rumored to already be dating WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Carmella, but that's unconfirmed, and also a little gross. There's also always the very real chance the entire thing is a work for Total Divas.

In the video below, shot from the Birdiebee offices, Bella updates fans on her post-breakup status, which includes living with her sister and brother-in-law. The Danielsons are notorious for their beatnik, vegan lifestyle, including the use of a composting toilet, which is sure to be a culture shock for Bella, who has spoken at length about her love of luxury on her various reality shows. Nikki says she's been hiding out and snacking a lot, but thanked her fans for their love and support and urged them to watch Total Bellas on E! on May 20th.

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