NYCC's Spotlight On: Arthur Darvill… or Rory?

20141009_145702-1by Ale Bodden

Oh, the joys of sitting through panels to wait for yours… and hopefully catch a great seat while at it. So, I don't know if I was the only one, but as soon as schedules came out I picked the Spotlight featuring Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston– though, soon after, that panel disappeared and never to be seen again until last week. Then it was only Arthur Darvill- I was so elated: I would, finally, be able to see one of my favorite Doctor's companions live… in front of me. I went there early to avoid being left out.

It was, definitely, one of the most relaxed panels I've been to. I was happy to see (and hear) that he is as funny and charming as I hoped. Most questions were asked by the audience, which I loved. We all go to hear and get to know a bit more of him. However, it was quite weird hearing people refer to him as Rory instead of Arthur.


During conversation we found out it is his first time back in New York after Broadway's Once wrapped up; "it's a brilliant city," he said. After being asked which he preferred: stage or film, he responded whichever he wasn't working on at the moment. "I'm impatient," he added, "but i like variety." Darvill also said he would like to return to Broadway one day, though at the moment he will focus on Treasure Island. He also told us how he tried to put together a Doctor Who musical while they were still filming, saying he also wrote the music for it– it was going to be called: It's Bigger On The Inside.

When asked to pick a better kisser between Matt Smith and Karen Gillian he laughed, and after responding if it was for a fan-fiction he said that Smith was more tender. He also clarified that Matt Smith is his favorite Doctor and Peter Capaldi a close second so far. He said of all episodes, he would've loved to be on the episode where the Doctor and Amy meet Vincent Van Gogh.

Apparently he was in a band, though he never really responded if there were any albums floating around. Referencing Darvill's Doctor Who themed cover of "Let It Go," someone asked if there was any time he was every annoyed that he's known as Rory: he replied that it wasn't the case and it was just a joke. He said that people taking their time to say hi to him is quite humbling and mind-blowing. Darvill explained that Doctor Who has changed his life and that it has impacted him in a very positive way.


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