Oscar Isaac Rumored for Gomez Addams in Animated Addams Family Reboot (Plus: Release Date)

The upcoming animated reboot of The Addams Family by Sausage Party director Conrad Vernon may have found its Gomez Addams! According to a rumor from The Tracking Board, Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Oscar Isaac is in talks for the role.

Casting Isaac as Addams would please fans, who have lobbied for Isaac to get the part in the past based on his look according to the report, though that hardly matters when the film is animated. Still, a small victory for fan casting, which is unable to imagine anyone for a role unless they already look like the character, as evidenced by all the bald actors rumored to play Lex Luthor before Warner Bros. shockingly cast the fully haired Jesse Eisenberg.

Oscar Isaac Rumored for Gomez Addams in Animated Addams Family Reboot (Plus: Release Date)

The only question is, who will fans ship Isaac's Addams with in the new film. Obviously, he's married to Morticia, but if MGM could cast John Boyega to voice Uncle Fester, there might be a budding fan romance in their future.

Screenwriter Pamela Pettler has reportedly based the script on the original cartoons by Charles Addams, which began publication in 1938. The reboot, produced by Gail Berman, replaced a planned Tim Burton stop motion animation Addams Family reboot that was in development prior to 2013. Though Isaac's casting is currently in the rumor stage and should be taken with a grain of salt, the film has received a release date of October 11th, 2019.

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