Playing Devilers Advocate

Devilers01CoveIncenSilvestrOn Tuesday I did up an article talking about how The Precinct would make a good movie. And then later that night I saw the trailer for Doctor Strange and it made me think of another Dynamite property that could work as a film franchise. The comic in question is The Devilers by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Matt Triano. Reading the comic, you get that seven's horror vibe that is added by Triano's art style that is a bit Gene Colan in layout and design.

The series focuses on a group of people from various religious background joining together because hell as literally broken loose. Each one has a unique power or ability that aids them along their path through the netherworld on a journey to Satan's throne room… only to find out that it's not Ol' Scratch on the throne.

First I think the time is right for a film like this. The supernatural and the battle of heaven vs hell has always been a well to pull from. Shows like Lucifer are catching on and Constantine wasn't cancelled because of the subject matter. This seems like the type of story that someone like a Scott Derrickson could sink his teeth into. Creating a horror franchise that focuses on a team of heroes. And I think the star of a movie like this would be the director. It would succeed or fail based on the vision of the film and the story it told.

This would also be a case where casting wouldn't need to be big names. Maybe you get a veteran actor that used to headline films to play the Pope or characters like that. But for your heroes you could just flip through promotional images form CW shows for the last few years and pick a cast. Good actors that just haven't jumped to the big screen yet.

The main reason I think this series could work is it combines both the horror elements and the heroic team elements that draws in a lot of the younger demographic. The same types that go see the Final Destination films. So you find yourself a good director with a strong horror vision that wants to stick around for a few films, give him a young, likable and sexy cast and the Devilers could be that summer scare that wins the weekend in between the big blockbusters.

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