Possible Power Ranger Movie Zord Concept Art Found Online (REMOVED UPDATE)

UPDATE: We have received a removal request from David K. Caplan of Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP, who write,

We are writing to you on behalf of our client, Lions Gate Films, Inc. ("Lionsgate"). Lionsgate is the owner of copyright and other intellectual property rights in and to the unreleased motion picture entitled "Power Rangers" (hereinafter referred to as "Power Rangers"). No one is authorized to copy, reproduce, distribute, or otherwise use "Power Rangers" without the express written permission of Lionsgate.

Notwithstanding this, it has come to our attention that Power Rangers concept artwork is being distributed via your website at the following URL:

The artwork has now been removed. The original article runs below.

So take this with a pinch of salt as this isn't my leak and information is hard to come by, but there is something interesting going on here at the very least.

I heard murmurs from two or three people I've spoken to over the last few days that there was concept art from the Lionsgate Power Ranger movie floating around out on the internet. I didn't look into it as I thought if they were real, I'd have seen them by now. I also didn't know what to really look for until this morning, but after doing some digging, I seem to have found what was being referenced.

Here are three concept pieces purportedly from the film, showing off the Pink Ranger's Pterodactyl Zord, and the Red Ranger's…something Zord. I guess that looks like a Tyrannosaur?


Now, I can't really talk about the origin of these pictures because every mention of these photos seem to be being torn from the internet. I don't know by who or why, but most of these photos only exist in caches, archives, tweets and Facebook posts. It looks like MoviePilot picked up on this a few days ago, but that story no longer exists. That means I don't know if they unearthed these from somewhere online or leaked the art themselves.

I can't find any proof of who is taking down these photos or why, so I don't know if its Lionsgate, Saban Entertainment or some other unrelated party for unrelated reasons. Like I said, this could be nothing to do with the movie for all I know.

Still, with all this activity, it's worth considering don't you think?

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