The Predator Gets Batman v Superman And Kong: Skull Island Cinematographer


Here is a bit of clean up from earlier this week!

Whatever you think of Zack Snyder's movies, many would admit they have a visual flair to them. That is partially down to the eye of Larry Fong. He was been with Snyder, working as his Director of Photography on four films, as well as doing amazing work on Super 8 too. His next film will see him take on the eighth wonder of the world in Kong: Skull Island.

Well, the cinematographer is going to be chasing after the Predator in the future on the upcoming Shane Black film, it's been reported by /Film. That film could look amazing if done right, and he seems like an astute choice.

I'm a huge fan of Fong's work as someone who just has a knack for capturing pop culture. He seems the perfect person to bring the Predator back. Him with Black's playful dramatics? Count me in.