Ray Fisher Shares Part of a Call from the Justice League Investigation

For all that we said, we thought this might be over. Apparently, it's not over. Ray Fisher has taken to Twitter to once again release more information that he says will help prove that he is creditable when it comes to his allegations about what happened on the Justice League set. To briefly catch everyone up back in July, Fisher leveled some accusations about bad things that happened on the set of Justice League during the reshoots. There was an investigation, there was some back and forth on both sides, and the other day, Fisher confirmed that he has been removed from the cast of The Flash and possibly from the DC universe entirely.

Ray Fisher Says He Won't Work With DC President of Films Walter Hamada
Ray Fisher as Cyborg in Justice League (2017). Credit: Warner Bros.

In the statement he released on Twitter the other day, Fisher said that DC President of Films Walter Hamada deliberately sabotaged the Justice League investigation to cover for people. WarnerMedia then released their own statement saying they stood by Hamada. Today. Fisher took to his Twitter to share a piece of what he says was the final phonecall with an investigator.

"Here is a clip from my final conversation with @WarnerMedia's independent investigator on December 11th, 2020," Fisher says in the Tweet. "Hopefully it lends itself to the truth of the investigation, and to the credibility of my current claims against Walter Hamada's dangerous behavior."

This Tweet appears to be specifically calling out Warner Bro.'s statement in September saying that Fisher was not cooperating with the Justice League investigation. In the recording, we hear Fisher talking about the investigation and someone on the other line saying that he met them when he said he would, he gave them names when he said he would give them names, and more. This could get uglier, but this seems to be perhaps evidence that Warner Bros. got petty in the media with their statement. As for the rest of it and the dangerous behavior that Fisher alludes to? Your guess is as good as mine.

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