Is Scorsese's Involvement Part Of Plot To Get Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Joker In Origin Movie?

The backstage drama of Hollywood can sometimes be more exciting than what happens on the screen.

Is Scorsese's Involvement Part Of Plot To Get Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Joker In Origin Movie?

When it was revealed that legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese, or Marty as his friends call him, would be a producer on an upcoming Joker origin movie that no one asked for or wanted, confused fans were left with a lot of questions. "Why?!" for instance was one of the questions that immediately sprung to fans minds, along with "Dear god, why?!" "What did we do to deserve this?!" and "Nononono what are they thinking?!" But after the shock and panic had worn off a little bid, the next obvious question was, "why would Marty be willing to get involved with something like this?"

The answer: money, probably. But even more intriguing is the fact that getting Scorsese to produce may be just the first step in a plan to snag superstar actor Leonardo DiCaprio, or Leo as his friends call him, for the lead role, replacing a self-absorbed Hollywood weirdo like Jared Leto, or J-Money as his friends call him, with *the* self-absorbed Hollywood weirdo. At least, that's what a report from THR that's making headlines all over the interwebs this morning claims.

Of course, it seems unlikely that Leo would take the role, and THR admits that Marty's deal may not even be finalized yet. But one thing Warner Bros big plan has apparently accomplished is pissing off J-Money, who is said to be none too pleased with Warners hiring a second joker while he's still set to star in a Suicide Squad sequel and a Harley and Joker spinoff movie.

So will anything besides hundreds of clickbait headlines actually come of this rumor? Stranger things have happened, but we're keeping this one filed in the "extremely unlikely" category for now. We'll keep you updated.

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