Dermot Mulroney Teases Scream 6 Roll with a Franchise Connection

Every little piece of Scream 6 news offers exciting insights into the top-secret slasher production, and thankfully, actor Dermot Mulroney is teasing just enough to keep fans' curiosity growing. After being cast as a police officer in the sixth installment of the popular horror franchise, Mulroney recently offered his response to joining the Scream family and chose his words very carefully.

The Insidious 3-star exclusively explained to Screen Rant, "Can I tell you, I just watched Scream 4 and Scream 5 to prepare for my role in Scream 6, and they're great movies; it's so fun. [laughs] I'm really thrilled to throw down with this great cast, much of the same lead cast from Scream 2022, they're making another one right away, thrilled to join up, and we're shooting [the next installment] as we speak." Before you start to develop any conspiracies on if that's a preference in terms of diving into his work or if there's perhaps a particular connection – the actor had something else to say that offered a little more interesting information.

New Exclusive Ghostface Dolby Cinema Poster for Scream 2022
Photo: Dolby Cinemas and Creepy Duck Design – Scream 2022

Mulroney then explained to the publication, "Yeah, I play a cop, so finally they're asking me to play cops here and there; this is one of them. I guess I shouldn't say that my daughter is one of the victims, but I don't have to describe how or in what way, so that's what draws me into the story is strong family ties." Considering the notion that four survivors from Scream 5 will return, along with franchise staple Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) and Scream 4 fan-favorite Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere), there won't be a shortage of Ghostface survivors and victims to speculate about!

Now that we know there's an office with a personal investment in the next film, which living character do you think Mulroney's character might be related to? Or do you expect a bloodline relation to a deceased character from Scream 4 or Scream 5? Sound off below!

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