Shawn Levy Talks About The Elements He Will Bring To The Uncharted Movie


The Uncharted movie, after years floundering in development hell seems to finally be getting a fair bit of traction. This is largely thanks to Shawn Levy becoming attached as direcotr, meaning the film has shot back to life.

Levy recently spoke to Screen Rant about the movie and specifically the kinds of things it will be bringing from the games. While he doesn't say what the film will take from specific stories, he talks a bunch about the tone he is trying to strike with the adaption.

As a game, I've loved it for a long time, I think it's got an exceptionally cinematic nature. And as a movie, y'know… we'll deliver on the action, the adventure, the wit that people expect from this great treasure-hunting franchise.

I feel like, really, in each of its four iterations – it's evolved of course – but it's kept the DNA of its tone and its characters, and (to tie it back to Arrival and Stranger Things [Levy worked on these projects]), at this point in my career I am partial to character-driven, high-concept entertainment. And what I love is that, just as Arrival is an alien invasion movie that's about a linguist and Stranger Things is a fantasy/mystery series about kids in early-'80s Indiana, Uncharted is a globe-trotting adventure series; but it is always above all rooted in Nathan, Sully and Elena. They're such great three-dimensional characters, and that's the way the movie is going to be built as well.

I really am curious to see what the film's story will be based on. The first game would make sense, but I also think that story is a little too outlandish too to make for a great movie in the near future. We will have to see on this one.