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In Shocking Turn Of Events, Media May Have Jumped The Gun About That Venom Director


Earlier today, Bleeding Cool reported that box office data company Exhibitor Relations Co. announced that Sony's Venom movie had a release data, October 5, 2018. As we noted, the movie had been in development for a while, originally planned as a spinoff of the Amazing Spider-Man franchise before that franchise went kaput. At that time, Alex Kurtzman was set to direct. Moments after our report went live, ERC dropped another tasty Venom fact – Alex Kurtzman would direct. But will he? WILL HE?

Over at The Hollywood Reporter, Hollywood reporter Borys Kit had some new info about the film. In particular, Kit said that a new script had been written by Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner, who also worked on Amazing Spider-Man 2 along with Alex Kurtzman, replacing the first draft written by Dante Harper last May. However, according to Kit:

It looks like someone may have screwed up, seeing Kurtzman attached to Venom back in 2014 and assuming that was still the case. Of course, once one site reports it, every other site reports it, because as the old saying goes, entertainment journalist see, entertainment journalist do. Or maybe Kurtzman is going to direct, but he's simply not agreed to a deal yet. Either way, it appears we may have all jumped the gun, though in our defense, ERC is a company whose purpose is to provide this sort of data, not a salacious news site, so it's reasonable to take their word for it.

In any case, the punishment is clear. Bare bottom spankings from Bleeding Cool reporter Dan Wickline, as is tradition.

Come and get me, Dan. I'm ready.

*pulls down pants*

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