Six Important Moments From Arrow – Code Of Silence

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Photo: Katie Yu/ The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Katie Yu/ The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

There are two major types of episodes when you look at a series like Arrow. Ones where the main story of the week is part of the season story arc and directly moves things forward. And the other where the A story for the week is not as important as the fallout around it. Last night was one of the latter. The fact the team was going up against a group of demolitionists made for some good action scenes, but it was everything else going on around it that will have the most impact. So lets get to the important moments from Code of Silence.

1 – We start off with Detective Quentin Lance almost being killed by a building collapsing. This was obviously done by the demolitionists but the important thing here was to move him back up the list of potentials for the grave scene. People have been expecting Lance to be killed since season one… personally if Quentin dies, I riot. This does two other things, it sets the stage for the theme of honesty that will play out the rest of the season and it shows that HIVE is shifting and Lance is no longer a viable source of information.

2 – So what's new with HIVE? Well, Damien Darhk brings Malcolm Merlyn in to the fold and once again shows just how powerful he is by killing someone on the other side of the world. We learn of a phase five of a plan and how controlling city hall was part of it hence having Rue Adams run against Oliver Queen. With seven episodes left in the season I think we're still a bit away from learning exactly what Darhk is doing or just how Merlyn will play in the plan.

3 – The major theme here is honesty and that comes up when Lance doesn't tell Donna Smoak what is really going on to try and protect her. Honesty has been a big part of the series and it wasn't until Oliver started being completely honest that he and Felicity Smoak had a chance. But the fight between the older couple is to set up what's coming with the younger as Oliver's big lie will soon be revealed and drive a wedge between him and Felicity.

4 – Since the mid-season return and how quickly Felicity adjusted to being in a wheelchair, it seemed obvious she wasn't going to be in there long. And with all the geniuses she knows you figure one of them would come up with something. Enter Curtis Holt, Palmer Tech employee and Felicities friend who designed a microchip that will make her walk again. Oliver thanks him by calling him 'Terrific', a nod to his comic book alter ego Mr. Terrific.

5 – This is an odd one, its a moment that didn't happen. They didn't show the debate between Oliver and Adams. And where it might have been fun to see Oliver deal with questions that vary from social issues in the city to dealing with the rampant vigilantism, but with the real world embroiled in ugly debates and political shenanigans I think the producers made the right call here to have the actual debate take place off-stage.

6 – Last week ended with Merlyn telling Darhk about Oliver's son William. This week ended with Darhk bringing William home to play with his own daughter. So what happened to his mother? Is she the one in the grave? Its nice to see the seed that was sown back in the second season finally coming to light here in the fourth.

We don't have to wait long to find out how Darhk plans on using William, nor to see how Felicity is going to respond to his existence and Oliver not telling her. That all kicks off next week along with the first live-action appearance of Vixen.


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