Sleeping Dogs Movie is Still Happening, According to Donnie Yen

Actor Donnie Yen has blitzed social media seemingly reiterating that there is a Sleeping Dogs movie on the way.

Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs has a bit of a cult following in games. While the title never quite took off in the sales charts, there is definitely a subset of fans who swear by the China-based, open-world crime game. That said, it never hit expectations and even saw studio United Front Games end up going defunct in 2016. That's why the movie on the franchise has always seemed a little weird. It was first reported last year, yet has remained quiet since. It seems everything is still a go, though.

While some might have thought the silence was a sign the project had gone under, it seems it's far from dead. Donnie Yen took to Instagram yesterday and posted a picture of him next to a picture of the franchise protagonist Wei Shen, as well as a message saying good thing come to those who wait. He said:

While no extra details have hit alongside this, I assume we can take this as meaning the project is moving forward. That is quite a surprise, at least to me. That isn't to say I wouldn't be excited, though! The game was really cool, and it was obviously influenced by older martial arts movies. Seeing a film then take those influences back to film is an interesting prospect, if for no other reason then to see a big(ger) budget martial arts movie again.

Hey, who knows. Maybe a movie could even reignite interest in a new game. That doesn't seem impossible.

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