So What's Happening In Next Week's Doctor Who Then?

So What's Happening In Next Week's Doctor Who Then?

Rich Johnston says:

There may be spoilers here, but only accidentally. We are going by what has been shown in the BBC trailers (not the Canadian one which we are ignoring for these purposes) and trying to work out stuff from what we know.


  • This is the last episode for Amy Pond and Rory Williams
  • This episode is set, at least partially, in New York in the present day.
  • It co-stars Amy and Rory's daughter, River Song.
  • It has Weeping Angels in it.
  • Unlike last time, much is made of their ability to send people back in time.

Amy and Rory never really raised their daughter. After she escaped the Silence, it is unsure who did, or how she survived, regenerating into a toddler in 1969 New York, and making her way to Leadworth in the 21st century, only having put on a few years.

So… what if?

What if Rory and Amy are touched by a Weeping Angel? And sent back in time to New York 1969? Where they find their daughter and finally raise her as their own, dropping her off in Leadworth as an old married couple, to fulfill her destiny?

It's a thought…

Brendon Connelly says:

…I have some thoughts of my own.

It was deliberately last week that Amy and Rory have been together for ten years. A deleted scene from The Hungry Earth, excerpted on Confidential, showed Amy talking about a vision she'd had, of herself and Rory, ten years hence.  Could we be about to see that scene made canon, from the other side of the divide?

Okay, maybe not.

I think it's clear that the book, written by one Melody Malone and seen in several promo pics and on-set shots, is one of the major structural devices. I'm thinking River Song is writing a book in the past to be read in the present… to somehow effect the past, so that she might write more information, to again effect the present… and so on.

Amy gets a voice over in one trailer, saying "Hello old friend and here we are, on the last page." She's writing the last page of the book. Which is probably missing from the book itself, but hidden in the Doctor's pocket or something. So, I'm confident she's not actually dead when she leaves the Doctor, and that her final farewell is going to be in voiceover as he reads the page.

My hunch is that River Song raises herself. Seems like the kind of thing she'd do. I wouldn't be surprised to see Lil' River come into custody of Big River at some point. But first, River has to get out of the trap she's in. She's been grabbed by a Weeping Angel – the one with the chain on it. And she's not going to get free while anybody is looking at the Angel… but if they all look away, she's going to get zapped.

There are scenes in a graveyard. I wouldn't be surprised to see Amy and Rory find their own graves… It does seem like both are being thrown back in time. Will these graves change later? I have no idea.

But it doesn't seem final enough for a time travel show that characters are written out by being thrown back in time. Perhaps Moffat can really, really end things for them by turning them into Weeping Angels. Imagine it – the two of them, looking at one another for the rest of time. He waited, she waited and now they can't wait together, forever, quantum locked. That would totally take them off the table, surely? I can imagine them standing in a graveyard, almost looking serence.

One old clue has had me thinking a lot. Moffat himself said that this episode is going to depend on something he set up a long, long time ago.

And I think that thing might be Rory's staff badge. The one with the incorrect date on it, from way back in The Eleventh Hour. I'm not sure how it will work, but I think there's a possibility that something timey wimey going on back then is going to be explained now, as the Angels start working their angles. If not – then that darn badge is going to go unaddressed forever.

Or maybe Moffat meant even further back. Could this be how River Song ends up headed to The Library?

The only things I'm really sure about right now is that I'm going to be watching The Eleventh Hour again before Saturday, and closely too; and that I won't miss a second of The Angels Take Manhattan. I'll even try not to blink.

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