The Spawn Reboot Is Going To Be A "Low Budget" Superhero Movie

We're getting a Spawn reboot film sometime next year, and we have a few new pieces of information about it. Right now we know that it is over at Blumhouse, and that Todd McFarlane wants almost total creative control over the movie. Jason Blum recently did an interview with Collider where he gave us a few more details about Spawn:

How will Spawn compare to current superhero films?

Blum: This Spawn movie is a kind of superhero movie, but a very different kind of feeling superhero movie. I like the idea of low-budget superhero movies. It's cool.

The Spawn Reboot Is Going To Be A "Low Budget" Superhero Movie

They appear to be approaching this like Fox approached Deadpool and Logan. They've realized that R-rated movies just don't make as much money, and that if you want to make a significant profit, you have to aim low when it comes to the budget. That's probably the way to go about doing this since the last movie was not exactly well received.

Are you drawing from any specific story arcs from the comics?

Blum: Yeah, for sure. Todd [McFarlane] is doing it. He's directing it, which is very cool, so we definitely will.

So they are likely going to be drawing from an existing storyline, but they aren't telling us which one just yet.

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