[Update] Spider-Man: Homecoming's Domestic as well as International Trailers Are Here!!


Finally! The web-slinger has seen fit to swing in and drop off a pre-Christmas present in the form of the first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Tom Holland is still pitch-perfect in the role, with Robert Downey Jr. along for the ride trying to talk the would-be Avenger out of trying to do too much too fast.  We also get to see the Vulture as the villain (there's also a flash of Michael Keaton in the mix).

And besides, with a guest appearance of a hotel that every Dragon*Con attendee (and Hunger Games fans as well) will recognize (non other than the Atlanta Marriott Marquis).


As long as we're at it, is the gal in the high school hallway with the long white hair and early appearance of Felicia Hardy (aka the Black Cat)?


Ok, ok, I know why you're all here – let's get to watching it! Once you're done, what do you think? Excited? Best Spidey since Spider Man 2 (the first one)?

And here's the International Trailer (with a bit more of Keaton and Vulture):

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