Taika Waititi Reportedly Being Eyed to Direct a Star Wars Movie

The Star Wars universe is looking like it could take on a very different shape in the upcoming years. The movies have had an interesting run with the latter two dividing critics [The Rise of Skywalker] and some fans [The Last Jedi]. While we're still several years away from another movie coming out there is still plenty of Star Wars content on streaming services. The final episode of The Mandalorian was directed by Taika Waititi and fans have latched onto the idea that Waititi is the one who should direct a movie now that David Benioff and D.B. Weiss' trilogy is no longer happening. According to The Hollywood Reporter fans might be getting their wish as Waititi has been approached to direct a movie. It is by no means a definitive deal and sources at Disney and Lucasfilm had no comment.

Taika Waititi Casts Kaimana in His Upcoming "Next Goal Wins" Adaptation
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In some ways, Waititi would be an obvious choice. His episode of The Mandalorian is one of the best and Thor: Ragnarok turned around one of the weaker trilogies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe into one of the stronger ones. However, Waititi might not be the choice that Star Wars fans think they want. One of the things that fans hated about The Last Jedi was how different it was from other Star Wars movies. Waititi is by no means a safe filmmaker; he's currently doing awards season for a comedy starring Hitler. When he jumped into the Marvel Cinematic Universe he changed everything about the Thor franchise and smuggled in a condemnation of colonialism in a superhero film.

Waititi is a good choice because he will make a Star Wars movie, unlike anything we have ever seen before the same way he did with Thor. To say that he is a "safe" choice is fundamentally underestimating one of the best and most unique directors working today. This writer very much wants to see what Waititi could do with his own corner of the Star Wars universe but fans who are looking for something familiar and safe would not get that from someone like Waititi.

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