Take An In Depth Look At Project Cars' Genuinely Interesting Career Mode

I don't think I play sports games like most people. I usually end up spending way more time in the menus then I do in the actual game. In Madden or FIFA, I usually enjoy the off season a whole bunch more than the actual season. I love building a story and the world reacting to your actions than just the glory of playing the games. You can likely blame my upbringing in Football Manager for that.

That is why I'm really impressed by what the Project Cars' career is looking like. You can choose what type of racing you want to play straight away, which is really refreshing. It also has those Madden type tweets of people talking about your accomplishments and lots of other weird little world building idiosyncrasies that I'll go nuts over if they have any real depth.


The more I see of this game, the more I think it has huge potential. Who knows, maybe it will dethrone Grid as my favorite racing franchise. A tough task, but certainly possible.