The Castle Of Horror Podcast Presents: Christopher Lee In Horror Hotel

By Jason Henderson, Drew Edwards, Tony Salvaggio, and Julia Guzman



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They say:

This week we continue our Christopher Lee Retrospective showcasing films from the dearly departed actor.

This week: Horror Hotel, a beautiful work in black & white. It didn't have to be black & white– this was 1960, three and two years respectively after the amazing color of Curse of Frankenstein and Horror of Dracula. But Horror Hotel, from the group that would become the contemporary-focused Amicus Pictures, goes for a stylized, high-contrast look that brings to mind movies like Black Sunday and even Night of the Living Dead, which would come out eight years later.

Horror Hotel tells the story of Nan, an anthropology student in Massachusetts who travels on her professor's advice to a small back-woods town to study the 15th-century witch trials. But her professor is Christopher Lee, and he does not have her best interests at heart. This movie gives us a look at what America might mean to the imaginations of young horror fans in Britain, and it's delightful.

Next week: more Chris Lee!

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Heck, while you're at it, check out the whole film, which is in the public domain:


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