The Six Important Moments From Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD – Scars

*** This article contains spoilers for the latest Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD ***


This was sort of the penultimate episode as the season finale next week is a two-hour special. But when it airs in re-runs you know the split it. So Scars was episode #20 of a 22 episode season. This episode was also the first after the events shown in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, it fills in a plot hole from the film and answers the question of what is the Theta Protocol. Here are the six important moments from Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD:

1) We open a year early as we learn that Theta Protocol was a project that Phil Coulson and Nick Fury put together to build a new Helicarrier. That was all the recruiting trips and resources being allocated. This also connects the dots to how Fury showed up with a Helicarrier in Avengers: Age Of Ultron. This also means that the Avengers still don't know Coulson is alive. He uses the aftermath of the Ultron battle to suggest forming one SHIELD with him as Director and Robert Gonzalez's group as an advisory council.

2) We also find out what Gonzalez has been hiding on his ship, it's an ancient Kree artifact. Raina sees it in a vision and tells Jiaying who fears it means the destruction of the Inhumans and Afterlife. Gordon and Raina go to make sure that it is what she saw, a stone that turns to liquid and then back with deep carvings in it. The teleport to the ship, see the object but are discovered. When the teleport out, Agent Weaver is able to track Gordon and discovers the location of Afterlife.

3) Skye is conflicted about the growing tension between her two families but agrees to try and set up a conversation between her mother and Coulson. The problem is that the advisory council votes that Coulson is too close to the situation and that Gonzalez should go to the meeting instead. Coulson agrees… which turns out good for Coulson in the long run.

4) Raina tells Gordon of another vision with Quinjets raining fire from the sky down on Afterlife and that it all starts with Jiaying meeting with SHIELD. She tries to convince Gordon to take Jiaying away and let her speak with the agents. But Gordon goes to Jiaying instead. Raina is put under guard and Cal Zabo suggests that Jiaying give him over to SHIELD as a peace offering.

5) While everyone is flying out to the meeting, Alfonso "Mac" Mackenzie quits SHIELD. And we find out that there are two Agent Mays piloting Quinjets. The one with Bobbi Morse turns out to be Agent 33 that sets down far from Afterlife and attacks. Bobbi subdues her and goes outside only to be shot in the head by an icer by Grant Ward. Seems we aren't done with Ward yet.

6) SHIELD arrives for the meeting and Gonzalez talks alone with Jiaying. He gives her a gift from her past while Cal is being taken back to the Quinjet. Gonzalez explains that SHIELD wants to protect everyone and wants to add the Inhumans to the registry. Jiaying breaks a Terrigen Crystal on her desk, killing Gonzalez and then shooting herself with his gun. She then runs outside screaming that SHIELD tried to kill her. We also see that Cal has drank his serum that gives him super-strength. Jiaying has just fired the first shot in the war.

So it looks like war is coming between SHIELD and the Inhumans and poor Skye is stuck right in the middle. It should be an interesting finale.



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