The Six Important Moments From The Flash – Who Is Harrison Wells

*** This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of The Flash ***

FlashWhoTonight's episode of The FlashWho Is Harrison Wells, split Team Flash into two with Barry Allan and Eddie Thawne staying in Central City to deal with a new metahuman while Cisco Ramon and Joe West head to Starling City… and Caitlin Snow off on her own as she is not buying into Harrison Wells being the Reverse-Flash. This episode has its flaws, but it is definitely a game changing episode and here are the important moments:

1) Caitlin is torn. She doesn't want to believe that Wells is evil, yet everyone around her has bought into it and is expecting her to come along. She tells Barry she needs proof before she will believe, but when it came to it she lied to Wells about where Cisco was. Speaking of lying, Eddie had to once again lie to Iris West and he is rebelling against it. This may be the writers working against type as most superhero shows end up with a lot of bad lies about identities. The same crew did everything they could to get rid of the lying from Arrow…. I think they are doing the same thing here.

2) Hands off the metahuman, that is the mantra when it's discovered that there is a metahuman shapeshifter. Because he can touch and take people's identity, Barry can't touch him, but that leads to Hannibal Bates posing as Eddie and killing two cops on camera. Which in turn leads to Eddie being arrested. When Barry tries to run him out of the station, Eddie insists on going back and getting Barry to clear him properly. This is by far the best Eddie episode so far. He's had some good moments, but this is where the character gets to

3) Their trip to Starling City leads to them meeting Captain Quentin Lance and his daughter Laurel Lance. Laurel realizes who Cisco is and pulls him aside to ask him to modify Sara's sonic disruptor… which she seems to be carrying around in her purse now. There is also a moment when Joe and Quentin talk about daughters and lying. Joe says that sometimes we lie for love. Maybe this will bring the Lance's back around.

4) Out at the crash site where Tess Morgan died, Cisco uses a tachyon detector to locate a corpse. Quentin wants to call it in but Joe explains to him that whoever knows about that body is in serious danger including Iris. This is the evidence they need to prove that Wells is the Man In The Yellow Suit. This also means one of the biggest mysteries of the series is going to come to a head by the end of the first season… so what will the producers do for season two?

5) Hannibal goes to Barry's place as Eddie and knocks him out and he becomes Barry. Then Caitlin arrives and thinking that it's the real Barry, tells him about how she can stop the metahuman that she is now calling Everyman. This leads to probably the most awkward series of events in the season. There is a kiss between faux-Barry and Caitlin, Iris shows up at STAR Labs and knew how to hack into the police computer, Wells saves the say because he knows the real Barry is right handed… but the gun the faux-Barry was pulling with his left hand should have been enough of a clue. Then Iris and Caitlin drive the dangerous metahuman to the police only for him to escape… why they didn't just call the police to come get him I don't know. And finally, they go and free an unconscious Barry from his closet. Yes, the guy with the sped up healing factor is still unconscious after all that. And to throw one more thing in… during the fight at the end when Everyman starts going through all of Barry's friends while they are fighting to throw him off… he doesn't know The Flash is Barry at that point, so why did he do that?

6) Once Everyman is finally caught… are the police okay with the STAR Lab prison? Eddie tells Iris he's been working with The Flash, Wells goes to visit Joe and Cisco decides to check the lab for any hidden rooms. Which he finds and luckily the keypad isn't set to only Wells' hand so Barry can open it… and good thing Wells didn't put an alarm in it… oh and that display of the future newspaper automatically popped up where normally Wells has had to call for it. But now they know that Wells is the Reverse-Flash and that he's from a future where The Flash disappears during a crisis.

I love this series. It is the only really hopeful and consistently fun comic related show on the air. But there was some sloppy storytelling in what is basically a pivotal episode. It felt like there we certain plot points that needed to be shown, but the there was no flow to how those dots were connected. Far too many convenient things happened for a show that is usually very well written.


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