The Vixen Animated Movie Ratings Were Low And It Doesn't Matter

On Wednesday night, last week, The CW aired the Vixen movie and the ratings were very poor. How poor? Less than 700,000 viewers tuned in. What does this mean for the popularity of the Arrowverse? Has DCTV over-saturated and we're starting to see the backlash? What's next, dogs and cats living together? The end of the world? No. It doesn't mean ANY of that. The fact I saw articles out there talking about the low numbers for the airing is rather ridiculous.

Vixen Animated

This was not the premiere of a new project. The network didn't spend a bunch of time promoting it. I ran an article here about it because I came across a trailer for it on Youtube… on the CW Seed's page, not the main CW page. I was out checking if there was more on the upcoming Freedom Fighters: The Ray series and found it. There was no media push. And this is a series that started up 2 years ago for free on the CWSeed website and then had a second season. You can go watch it right now here. Or you can buy it off of and watch it on your big screen TV.

They took an already finished and paid for animated series / movie, attached a few interview segments to promote the upcoming series returns and the new animated The Ray series and popped it into a 2-hour slot on a Wednesday evening in the middle of the summer on a night when a lot of the nation's attention was on the tragedy happening in Houston, TX.

And if you haven't watched it, I recommend you do. It's fun, a good introduction to a character that they then brought into the live-action series and they will be bringing another character from the series into Legends of Tomorrow this season.

Now… had it won the night, brought in millions of viewers and beat the other networks, then the numbers would definitely matter and we'd be looking at a series of DC animated series coming out at blazing speed. Oh well, guess my dreams of a buddy cop style series with Etrigan the Demon and The Creeper will have to wait.

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