The Todd Phillips Joker Movie is Apparently Still Happening

Yesterday it was announced that Jared Leto version of the Joker was getting his own movie. This has confused a few people, since there is also the Todd Phillips Joker origin movie as well. Now there are two in the works, and fans are wondering if the Phillips version of the project, which was being billed as not part of the continuity, was quietly cancelled. It turns out we're just getting two Joker solo movies.

In their post about the Leto announcement, Deadline confirmed that the Phillips version is still in development.

Meanwhile Todd Phillips' origin tales film about the Joker –which Deadline broke the news on– is still in development and will fall under a different DC origins cinematic banner, to separate it from the titles set during the current day. Joaquin Phoenix is set to star in Phillips' movie.

Joker origin movie

The casting announcement has been hanging around sources for months now, but no one is confirming anything. There was also the rumor that the movie was set to start shooting this May, and unless no one is talking about it, that didn't happen either. Will both of these movies see the light of day? Truth be told we don't know right now; there are too many movies in development to guess about which ones will actually make it to the big screen.

Let us also lament that the Joker can get two movies and Superman can't get a sequel.

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