Tomb Raider Sequel Update From Director Ben Wheatley

The world of video games has endless opportunities when it comes to the takeover of the immersive medium. Some of these more successful titles have received the highly coveted cinematic adaptations, from franchises like Resident Evil, Pokemon, Tomb Raider, and the upcoming Monster Hunter being prime examples of the power of video game content.

Tomb Raider
Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

While the Tomb Raider franchise has seen a few iterations, the more recent film starring Alicia Vikander appears to be in a good position to receive a sequel. Though the film wasn't quite the box-office smash that Warner Bros. had hoped for, the film went on to accumulate nearly $300 million against a budget of $100 million (which box-office analysts said $300 million was needed to break even.) Many would assume that it could halt any future Tomb Raider content in the foreseeable future. Still, the director and screenwriter Ben Wheatley has given fans a semi-optimistic outlook on the franchise's future.

In an interview with Polygon, Wheatley updates the film's status, telling them, " It's kind of in the mists of COVID at the moment in terms of what's going on," The publication adds that while he was mainly tight-lipped about the next installment of Tomb Raider, he remains committed to making it happen — along with his desire to continue expanding video games through cinema, concluding, "Video games have trouble crossing back into cinema because they are born out of cinema, but the the magic sauce is interaction, which you're then removing back out of the game to put it back into a film. That's the trick the back and forth of it, and that's why it's been very hard to make things successful."

Now that we have a little more hope that there will be more Tomb Raider in the future, what do you hope to see as the next step of the video game turned film franchise? 

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