Top Dumbledore Pick Arthur Darvill Will In Fact Return To Legends Of Tomorrow

Arthur Darvill, star of Doctor Who and, according to reports, the top pick of Arthur Darvill to play Young Dumbledore in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, will one day return to Legends of Tomorrow. Darvill, who plays Rip Hunter, disappeared from the show after the first episode this season and hasn't been back, leaving fans to speculation on his status. Until now, the most reliable answers came from Bleeding Cool commenter joella, who reported:

Rumors abound from "He was too expensive for the show's budget" to "He read the scripts for season two, decided they were s**t and walked off" in addition to "Timey-Wimey Wibbly-Wobbly…stuff about too much time travel causing temporal infections and being chased by tiny black furry things with teeth."

In an interview with espionage-themed pop culture website Digital Spy, Darvill, who is by the way available to play Young Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts 2 if anyone is interested, revealed that he "took time off" from the CW show after the Season 2 premiere in order to return to the third and final season of Broadchurch, a British drama about David Tennant being sexy (as least that's what we get out of it).

They were very kind on Legends – Broadchurch is something that's been going on for a while, so they had to work around that. I was so pleased to finish off that journey on Broadchurch.

However, he will be back to the show, in some mysterious way:

Yeah, I do come back, in some way, to Legends of Tomorrow… but I can't talk about that! I always work on shows that you're not allowed to bloody talk about…

Hopefully, if… no, when Arthur Darvill is cast as Young Dumbledore, as Arthur Darvill is pretty sure is going to happen really soon, Legends of Tomorrow will allow him to take time off for that as well. For more on Arthur Darvill's availability to play Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts, please contact Arthur Darvill's agent, who is waiting around the clock for your phone call.


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