Universal Pictures and LEGO are in Talks for a Film Partnership

It's looking like LEGO is looking for a new home for its film division. The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part came out earlier this year and unlike the first movie it did not do well at the box office despite decent reviews. It brought in under $200 million at the worldwide box office and with a massive cast, marketing budget, and how much it takes to make animated movies that pretty much qualifies as a bomb. While the first two LEGO movies did well it seems that people just aren't as interested anymore. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it seems that LEGO is looking at moving to Universal from Warner Bros.

Universal Pictures and LEGO are in Talks for a Film Partnership

The partnership with Warner Bros. was up this fall, according to THR, so LEGO has been speaking to Universal for a little while now. Universal doesn't have a massive animation property anymore now that they put a pretty definitive end to the How To Train Your Dragon series earlier this year. Unlike other studios, they don't have any other kids centric to fall back on.

The franchises that Universal does have to fall back on is the Fast and Furious series and the various Jurassic World movies. The interest in both of those seems to be waning as time goes on. Those two series have been paying the bills and animated kids movies, if they do well, can be an easy way to bring in money. Universal is looking to launch its own streaming network as well and LEGO putting out some shorts or a TV show exclusive to that could give the service more pull for families.

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