Liked Violent Night? Here's More Holiday Violence To Enjoy

Violent Night is now in theaters, as David Harbour's Santa violently takes out mercenaries. What do we love about violence during the happiest time of the year? Why do we love it so much? Disturbing the peace that the season brings to many is an old horror trope, but there are quite a few action films set around this time of year as well. I guess there is just something about seeing blood in snow that feels very off-putting and titillating at the same time. Here are some of our favorite holiday gore fests/thrillers for you to enjoy this holiday season.

Violent Night Is A Clever Title

Black Christmas is maybe the most famous. No, not the 2006 remake. No, not that other remake from a couple of years ago, either. The 1974 original, which some would consider the start of the slasher craze that set the holiday violence bar. Coming four years before Halloween, there is some pretty disturbing stuff in this one. Not to mention you could never get away with this trailer anymore.

Silent Night, Deadly Night is a franchise that most people don't realize has four installments and a remake. The first two films are the ones to watch, with part two containing the iconic scene above and parts 4 and 5 getting even weirder. Word is there is yet another remake happening as well. Maybe they are waiting to see how Violent Night fares this year. About the "Garbage Day!" scene, though: how did that stunt guy avoid that car????

Jack Frost is a holiday tradition for me, and has been since like 1998. Those late '90s straight-to-video horror films hold a special place in my heart. It wouldn't be Christmas without this film. One of the campiest films you will ever watch, Frost, is about a serial killer being turned into a murderous snowman. How could you ever resist that? Me and my friends have been saying, "Look, Ma, I'm a Picasso!" to each other for years.

My personal favorite violent Christmas film is Krampus. Not only is it a horror film filled with amazing practical effects and a great cast, but the opening few minutes of the film showing the stampeding shoppers and people trying to create the perfect Santa photo gets me every time. I haven't seen Violent Night yet, but this is the tone I am looking for.

Die Hard is a Christmas film. If you don't agree, you are wrong.

Under the radar a bit is the 2016 thriller comedy Better Watch Out, which I got turned on to after Dead Meat did their Kill Count on it. Adorably sinister, the cast is great, there are some brutal kills, and all of it has the sheen of Christmas. If blood in the snow is your thing, here you go.

Violent Night Releases Tomorrow Night, New Featurette Is Here
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What are some of your favorites? Are you seeing Violent Night this weekend?

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