Want To Own A Piece Of The Walt Disney Animation Studio? Now You Can!

Starting on December 9th, Heritage Auctions will have some unique pieces of Disney history up for auction that you might be interested in — especially if you're looking for some new furniture for your home.

First up is a Kem Weber animation desk, used by Eric Larson. According to Heritage:

"After the success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Walt Disney set his sights on a new studio location in Burbank California where he could expand his operations. He looked to Kem Weber, along with his brother Roy, to design this studio in the popular Art Deco style of the day. Kem Weber established an independent design studio in Hollywood where he also designed modern sets for films and private residences. His work in 1928 at the "International Exposition of Art in Industry" show held in New York by Macy's established his reputation and his career took off."

This desk is an exceptional piece of Disney history, though I couldn't tell you what this item would go for. Larson was one of Walt's Nine Old Men, so this desk has some history behind it. No, seriously — Bambi, Cinderella, Mr. Toad — they were all drawn on this very desk.

Next we have a Kem Weber airline chair, which will look nice with your newly acquired desk.

Heritage also has two Disney Studios Feature Film desks for auction. These were used during Disney's Renaissance Period (1989-1999), which produced some of Disney's greatest films, including The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin.

These are rather amazing, and I sincerely hope they go to good homes.

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