Wax On, Wax Off! Funko Will Be Releasing Karate Kid POP! Vinyls This Month

"You're the best around! Nothing's ever gonna keep you down!" Do those lyrics ring a bell? Add in a crane kick and you'll remember. The legendary martial arts film, The Karate Kid, is fighting its way into Funko's POP! Vinyl collection.

I'm not ashamed to admit that this is one of my favorite movies. If I'm flipping through the channels, and it's on, I can't not watch it. You can't get much better than Mr. Miyagi. So obviously, that's the POP I'm most excited about, but Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence will also be available.

I've provided one of the movies most famous scenes for your viewing enjoyment. I can't help but smile when Mr. Miyagi says, "show me, sand-a floor." I love that awesome accent. Well, now that I've sufficiently described my love for an old man, be sure to look for The Karate Kid pop vinyls this month!

5535_Daniel_LarussoPOP_large 5536_Johnny_LawerencePOP_large 5537_MrMiygi_POP_large



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