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Cobra Kai: Jesse Kove Talks Martin Kove and Molding John Kreese
As the continuation of The Karate Kid film franchise, Jesse plays David, a man who bullied the younger John Kreese (Barrett Carnahan), to help shape the man he became to be in the films and current series I spoke to Jesse about when he realized he found his calling, working with his father, his friendship[...]
More Than Miyagi Director Kevin Derek on Showing The Real Pat Mortia
To say that More Than Miyagi: The Pat Morita Story is a passion project for director Kevin Derek would be an understatement since his previous was titled The Real Miyagi in 2015 that centered on the actor's stunt double in The Karate Kid films in martial artist Fumio Demura I spoke with Derek about the[...]
More Than Miyagi: Documentary Shows The Life of Pat Morita
One of the most beloved comedic actors of the 20th century that brought to life two of the most iconic characters in pop culture with TV's Happy Days as Arnold Takahashi and the Karate Kid franchise in Mr Miyagi through four films, Noriyuki "Pat" Morita became a large than life figure bringing joy to audiences[...]
COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2020 Since near the end of season two, the showrunners/executive producers teased the appearance of Ali Mills from the original 1984 film The Karate Kid They gambled that Elisabeth Shue would return and it pays off handsomely, to say the least We're reintroduced to her who was since married as Ali Mills Schwarber[...]
Cobra Kai: William Zabka, Ralph Macchio “Spar” on Who’s Bad Guy?
When it comes to one of the screen's most intense rivalries, it's the one depicted in The Karate Kid (1984) and its television successor Cobra Kai Netflix attempted to "settle" the long debate, "Who's the real bad guy" between Ralph Macchio's Daniel LaRusso and William Zabka's Johnny Lawrence The first scene talked about a scene[...]
Best Of Cobra Kai Fight Scenes | Netflix
William Zabka, who plays Johnny Lawrence in the first two The Karate Kid films and its sequel series Cobra Kai, revealed an idea pitched to him for a proposed fifth film in the franchise by none other than the late Pat Morita Speaking with Collider, the actor said how Mortia, who played Noriyoshi Miyagi in[...]
The Karate Kid, Cobra Kai: Other 80s Films That Can Use TV Sequel
When it comes to the stark contrast between The Karate Kid films versus the Netflix TV series Cobra Kai, both work for the eras they were created in While the final adventure between Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Nariyoshi Miyagi (Pat Morita) was in The Karate Kid Part III (1989), Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) became[...]
GameMill Announces Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues
This morning, GameMill Entertainment revealed their latest project with Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues if you're a fan of the series on Netflix, then this will be right up your alley as the game loosely follows the first two seasons of the show with an in-depth beat 'em up title The game features[...]
Cobra Kai: Ralph Macchio, William Zabka Talk Season 2, 'Karate Kid' Guest Stars
With the second season of YouTube Premium's Cobra Kai set for early 2019, current series (and original The Karate Kid) co-stars Ralph Macchio (Daniel LaRusso) and William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence) are starting to open about what fans can expect when the Karate Kid sequel series returns. Speaking with ET Canada, Macchio and Zabka revealed that upcoming season[...]
Cobra Kai is reportedly leaving for another streaming service, courtesy of YouTube.
Taking to social media on Monday to thank Entertainment Weekly for ranking the The Karate Kid sequel series at #6 in their annual ranking of the year's best television shows, Macchio tweeted the following: Just wrapping production on Season 2 of @CobraKaiSeries and saw this wrap gift from @EW in the year-end issue on Top TV[...]
[Tribeca 2018] 'Cobra Kai' Review: Sequel Series Strikes First, Strikes Hard
Credit: YouTube Red YouTube Red's The Karate Kid continuation series Cobra Kai held its world premiere at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival on Tuesday night, April 24th, screening the first two episodes ('Ace Degenerate' and 'Strike First') for both attendees and press Bleeding Cool was able to attend the screening and report back our thoughts on why[...]
[#Tribeca2018] Cobra Kai Teaser: Johnny's 'Bad Sensei' is No Mr. Miyagi
Credit: YouTube Red With less than a month to go before Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) reignite a old rivalry from over thirty years ago in YouTube Red's The Karate Kid continuation series Cobra Kai, we're getting a look at "bad sensei" Johnny's "teaching philosophy." Let's just say that Johnny's sensei style[...]