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Who Will Be The Thirteenth Doctor? Whoever It Is, They Have Been Cast Since January…

doctor-who-1963William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, John Hurt, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith…

Who will play the Thirteenth Doctor? And, according to Time Lord lore, The Last Doctor?

We have some history here. Last time, Rich said for ages that it was Paterson Joseph. Because, at the time, it was. He was the Moffat favourite for some time, before Matt Smith's audition. And Joseph has said publicly that he was second choice.

But you know, Rich did get it right. Eventually. And before it was announced.

Okay, okay, it turned out that he was the Twelfth Doctor. But still. We knew for a fact that David Tennant was coming back for the 50th anniversary, and that Matt Smith was absolutely, definitely leaving long before the announcement came. And we did have this extra regeneration thing tied up a few weeks ago…

First up, we understand that whoever the lucky actor is, they were cast earlier in the year. Moffat may be talking about looking for a replacement in the present tense, but the individual in question has been locked down since January. But who? Not sure. And is the actor in question male or female?

Now. Every time this comes around, the tabloids (and now The Times) start speculating if we will get a female Doctor. My instinct is still to say no…but if the Doctor gets an extended run past his thirteenth incarnation, that's when something radical could and probably should happen. Maybe we'll get a run of thirteen female Doctors from about 2017 on…?

But who are the names in the hat this time round? Here are thirteen Bleeding Cool suggestions for who we think may be up for playing Thirteen. Or not.

ben daniels

1. Ben Daniels

The Bleeding Cool favourite. You may know him from the recent House Of Cards remake, Cutting It or The State Within but he's better known for his theatre work. Mentioned by a fair bunch of people, he's seen as a sign that the Who crew may be going older this time.

2. Stephen Mangan

The star of Green Wing, Dirk Gently and Episodes. Again, he was mentioned by Who people. And before announcement last night, he tweeted this:


3. David Threlfall

Star of Shameless, which has recently come to an end. His range is far broader than the broadness of Frank Gallagher though, and you may also recognise him from Hot Fuzz. Again, we've heard his name suggested this time round.

4. Paterson Joseph

Yeah, well, second time lucky. Watch Neverwhere to see how he nailed pretty much this exact character in a completely different TV show. One written by Neil Gaiman too.

5. David Harewood

The bookies are giving good odds, and he also nailed The Marquis de Carabas. A popular pick with pundits in the press today too, so let's just add to that.

6. Jenna-Louise Coleman

Another Bleeding Cool favourite. Seriously – don't dismiss this out of hand. And wouldn't it just put a particularly ferocious cat among the pigeons.

7. Sue Perkins

If one thing is guaranteed to keep Brendon watching the show, it would be the casting of Sue Perkins. There's a twitter campaign too, with the hashtag #doctorSUE. And it's okay, we wouldn't have to have either Mel Geidroyc or Giles Coren as the companion.

8. Idris Elba

With barnstorming roles in The Wire and Luther, he has genre form in Ultraviolet, Prometheus and Thor, and can run down a corridor like nobody's business.

9. James Nesbitt

He has history with Moffat in Jekyll, he's dead sexy and every planet has an Ireland.

10. Benedict Cumberbatch

A proper fan favourite, this casting choice would probably crash Tumblr. And if Cumberbatch is unlikely to make series of Sherlock and Doctor Who in the same year, then Moffat would be too, and that's what he really needs – time off to get fresh.

11. Chiwetel Ejoifor

Mentioned a lot the last time this all happened. His roles in Dirty, Pretty Things and Serenity have cemented his fandom. And he's got an effortless charm.

12. David Tennant

Shut up.

No, think about it. What if he can sometimes regenerate backwards? Or what if Moffat sends the regenerating Smith off into a dark corner of the continuum, leaving a revitalised Ten (or Eleven, as it now is) to track him down and rescue him? Or something.

13. Alan Davies, Bill Bailey, Eddie Izzard and so on

No way. Straight off. They always get mentioned and… no. Also Bill Nighy turned it down once already. And Rowan Atkinson doesn't want the work load. David Walliams has a slightly different 'brand' these days.

The "popular comedian player that always gets mentioned" can be a single entity for our purposes. A singular, never-gonna-get-it entity. It's been too long since John Pertwee. Though, as we said before, Sue Perkins is a special case.

Brendon is going to put a couple of bets on tomorrow and Rich is going to put on four but we're both favouring the same candidates, really, based on… what we've heard echoes of. Maybe we can make some money.

Though Rich is still down fifty quid from last time. If you are thinking of having a flutter, register with Ladbrokes, William Hill or Betfair via and you'll get cashback with your first bet – William Hill gives you £11, Betfair gives you £20, Ladbrokes gives you £20, Paddy Power gives you £25.

William Hill also runs a free £25 bet after your first £25 bet, Betfair gives you a free £25 bet when you register, and Paddy Power give you £20 extra to bet when you bet £10…

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