Wolf Hound Trailer Stars Trevor Donovan, Out June 3rd

Wolf Hound is a new WWII set film starring Trevor Donovan (90210) and James Maslow (Big Time Rush) from director Michael B. Chait. All the usual standard war film fare looks to be here, though it is cool that they seem to have used vintage aircraft for the action scenes. Captured crew and a new superweapon that has to be destroyed, you can see the trailer for the film down below.

Wolf Hound Synopsis

"Featuring action sequences using vintage aircraft, this thrilling WWII epic shows how one man's courage can change the world. On a recon mission over Nazi-occupied France, pilot David Holden (James Maslow) is shot down along with a B-17 bomber. He lands near an airfield, where he learns the Germans are loading the U.S.-marked aircraft with a city-destroying superbomb that could help the Axis win the war. Now, Holden must evade search patrols and a vengeful Nazi soldier to rescue the captured crew and stop the doomsday plot. Wolf Hound, from Lionsgate, starring James Maslow and Trevor Donovan, opens in select theaters and digital on June 3rd."

Wolf Hound Trailer Stars Trevor Donovan, Out June 3rd
Credit Lionsgate

This looks like it could be an okay time. Real planes are always a treat, and as a digital rental I am sure it will be fun. Not sure why they are bothering with any kind of theatrical release for this, as it seems tailor made to clean up on digital for Lionsgate. Oh well. I'm sure it is not a very wide release. Maslow told Variety how personal this project is for him as well: "My grandfather flew B-17s in WWII and I've always wanted to play a pilot from that period of time. This story is remarkably similar to something he actually went through." Wolf Hound will release in select theaters and on digital June 3rd, and on disc July 17th.

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